Qualities To Look For When Hiring an Estate Liquidation Professional

Trust plays a big part when hiring any professional especially when looking to hire an estate liquidator to organize and manage an estate sale for you and your family.  Here are a few things to look for when hiring an estate liquidation professional in an industry that’s currently unregulated by any governing body.

These small indications are signs of professionalism and will help you make the right decision.

Licensed & Insured

A reputable estate liquidator holds the proper business licenses in the area they serve along with liability insurance to protect you and your family from any possible liabilities during the estate sale preparation and sale dates.

Professional Experience

How long have they been doing this?  You don’t want to trust your estate to a new comer for many reasons.  An experienced estate liquidation professional has held many sales and has a large following of buyers that frequent their estate sales on a regular basis.  This means your items will have a higher chance of selling at the fair market value.

Accountable and Dependable

References are great, the company you choose should be able to easily produce a few past references that can share their experience with you.  I would shy away from a company that’s not willing to produce past references.  In an unregulated industry, experience, reputation, and longevity is extremely important.

Another good indication of a great estate liquidation professional is they’re only willing to conduct an estate sale with you after they’ve performed an on-site evaluation and have everything documented in a legal contract.

A binding contract between all parties will make the process transparent and seamless.  You would never want to agree to hold an estate sale with a company based on a hand shake.  A lot is at stake and it’s not worth the risks involved.

Reputable Estate Liquidation Brand

There are many estate sale companies to choose from, one of the largest contributors to the success of the Grasons Co brand of independently owned and operated locations is reputation.  Grasons Co estate sale services started as a single estate sale company before it became an estate sale franchise with over 24 locations nationwide.

While the estate sale industry may not be regulated, the brand regulates itself by insuring that all locations follow set regulations that make them efficient, dependable, and accountable for potential clients therefore the public values the Grasons Co brand of estate sale companies.

Each estate sale location follows a proactive, adaptable approach that makes the process easy and anxiety-free for the client.  A big emphasis is placed on continued education and technology that keeps the Grasons Co brand ahead of the curve when serving our clients.

If you need an experienced estate liquidator that understands compassion and success, choose one of our estate sale service locations near you, or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Whether you’ve always been curious about the estate sale business or have always wanted to own a rewarding home-based business you can be proud of, request a brochure for more information about franchise opportunities available, or give us a call, we’d love to chat.